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Some Favorite Fun Stuff

This page contains links to some of my favorite files and websites that I visit just for fun and to take a break from the old routine. Some links don't have anything to do with patents, but they are just really well done sites and fun to visit.

Nikola Tesla, Complete U.S. Patent Collection

Midi and Wav One-Liners

Squat  One of my alltime favorite lines from Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live
Inavan  Another one of my favorite Chris Farley lines
glzkiwz From a Bud Light Commercial - If you've got some...send them to me
failure  Strother Martin from Cool Hand Luke

Midi and Wav Tunes
Whatisluv Everytime I hear this I think of those two guys on SNL
Browsing music Love theme from David Lynch's "Twin Peaks", I sure like it

Somewhere I have more MIDI and MPEG files and links that I will post here when I find out where I put them.
Harry, Here's one for you......crazy

More To Come...check back soon

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