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Helpful Websites For Inventors

Trademarks & Copyrights

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - Trademark Info, Searching, and Forms (free)
Copyright Office Home page  - Copyright Info and Forms

Books, Magazines, Publications

Inventors' Digest- A great website and publication just for inventors.
Books for inventors
Videos & DVD's of Famous Inventors and Inventions
Posters of Famous Inventors and Inventions
Engines of our Ingenuity - Radio Program Scripts by John H. Lienhard, Professor of M.E. U of H
FARM SHOW Magazine - a website and publication that focuses on latest new products and "made it myself" inventions born in farm workshops and features the world's first database of farm inventions.

Stay Informed

Inventors' Digest Online--Information for Inventors
United Inventors Association of the USA
The Gizmo Show - New Radio Show about Invention and Entrepreneurship, Sunday nights from 7-8pm on CBS station, 550 AM, KTSA, San Antonio created by our friends, Richard & Sandy. Topics about invention and entrepreneurship with an "Invent Texas" segment. Broadcast reaches East to Houston, north to Austin, west to Del Rio, South to Brownsville. You can also listen to past shows on the internet.
Academy of Applied Science
IP Menu - is a global portal to Intellectual Property Information on the Internet. IP MENU is maintained by Phillips Ormonde & Fitzpatrick, Australian and New Zealand Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys.

Inventor Organizations & Groups

The Houston Inventors Association Inventors Helping Inventors since 1983
United Inventors Association of the USA - A national organization of inventor groups.
Texas Inventors Association (Dallas/Plano)
San Antonio Inventor & Entrepreneurs Group
Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association
Amarillo Inventors Association
Rocky Mountain Inventors Association
Inventors Network of the Capital Area - D.C.
Inventors' Alliance - San Francisco Bay Area.

Litigation & Attorneys

Law Office of David Fink, Contingency Patent Litigation (if unsuccessful, no fee for legal services, only disbursements must be paid) Sandeep "Sandy" Seth - Intellectual Law Attorney specializing in litigation
LawMall - Antitrust Litigation, Antimonopoly and Commercial Litigation

Government Programs & Agencies

SATOP (Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program) provides up to 40 Hours of Free Technical Assistance from the NASA and Educational Community. SATOP has helped companies and independent inventors with machine design, process engineering, materials selection and many other technical issues.

Search Google Government Websites for Grants
DOE Inventions and Innovation Program
Small Business Innovation Research Awards
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA Publications
Argonne National Laboratory - One of DOE's largest research centers
National Science Foundation
Nasa JSC Technology Transfer
NASA's Inspection 2000

Finding Technical Info

The HIA Technical Reference Page  Helpful Technical References for Inventors A site providing clear, straightforward information on how stuff works.
CM Research Electronic design and prototypes, etc.

Be Careful Dealing with Invention Marketing Companies

See the U.S. Patent Office complaints and responses regarding invention promotion firms
National Inventor Fraud Center Please check the good guys and bad guys before dealing with an "Invention Development" or "Invention Marketing" firm you may have seen advertised!!
Ron Riley's Invention Development Co. Caution List List of companies to approach with caution.
ABA Comments on Invention Marketing Companies
Invention Scams - Neustel Law Offices
UIA/USA Inventors Awareness Center
Invention Promotion Firms- What the Federal Trade Commission says them
Avoid The Scams- Some Advice from Inventor's Digest
How to File A Complaint Against an Invention Promoter

Product Evaluation

John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship - Baylor University's Product Evaluation Program.
Wal-Mart Innovation Network  The WIN program is an innovative service designed to help inventors or manufacturers of new products evaluate the potential of their ideas. An honest, objective third-party analysis of the risks and potential of your idea, product or invention.
QVC Product Evaluation How to get your product evaluated for possible airing on QVC television and online shopping.

Starting a Business

How to Get A Bar Code
One Stop Business Center - Provides you with information on city, county, state and federal regulations affecting your current or proposed business. Free "Getting Started Packet"-your roadmap to operating a business in Houston-are available by mail or in person to anyone opening or expanding a small business.
Website Coach -Your How-To Guide For Doing Business Online is a government site that tells everything you could want about starting a small business. score online this is SCORE Chapter 55, Seattle, WA, website; it has all you want to know about starting your own business; all information is free but they do sell a disk with all the fill-in your own data templates you need for a business plan etc. It lists all SCORE chapter web sites but the three listed in Texas have little more than their meeting locations and times.

Toys & Games David Ayers' site for designing new toys
Giant Squid, Inc.
Toy Manufacturers of America, Inc.
Anti-Monopoly Board Game - Computer Games, Book: History of Monopolies and Monopolists


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