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Services and Fees
Free Initial Consultation - call (713) 686-7676

Patent Search and Patentability Opinion:  $500.00

Regular Utility Patent Application:  $3500--$4000 (depending upon complexity)
(Includes government filing fee for small entity)

Provisional Utility Patent Application*:  $750--$1800 (depending upon complexity) (Includes government filing fee for small entity)

Design Patent Application: $800.00 (includes 2 pgs of formal drawings)

Please Note:
These prices do not include costs for filing amendments or appeals nor the government issue fee which is due when the application is allowed.  Although most applications will result in a patent being issued, there is never a guarantee that a patent application will result in a patent being issued.

* To claim priority of the Provisional Application, the "Regular" Utility Patent Application would need to be filed within one year of the filing date of the Provisional Application. 

The Fees paid for the Provisional Application will be applied to the Fee for the regular Utility Patent Application,

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