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Shake Weight
Shake Weight
Shake WeightTM tones arms in 6 minutes a day! Kinetic energy and repetitive cardio motion help you shake and burn your way from flab to fab faster than dumbbells, pushups and sit-ups. Revolutionary workout increases muscle activity up to 300% so you can achieve praiseworthy results. Includes instructional DVD. No batteries! Steel and plastic, 2 1/2 lbs.
Total Gym 1100
Total Gym 1100 replaces a room of exercise equipment firms stomach, tones hips, thighs and butt. Sculpt and define while increasing strength and flexibility. Just 5 to 8 minutes a day. Adjustable resistance. Includes leg-pulley accessory, multi-function attachment, and exercise booklets.
Ab Circle Pro
Ab Circle Pro
AB Circle Pro™ is the treadmill for your abs! The unique friction free slide track is the ideal design to build and tone lean ab muscle in just three weeks! Target your upper, middle, and lower abdominals while shaping your obliques to get that sexy V-Shape. Three levels of resistance allow for varying degrees of difficulty as you gradually improve your muscle mass. Also great for losing your love handles while toning hips, thighs, and buttocks. Folds for easy storage under the bed or in the closet. Comes with instructional workout DVD and Nutritional Guide. Gym quality steel. 28 x 8 x 26".

EZ Chin Up Bar

Price: 29.99
Looking for a quick workout while you are at the office that does not require much time or space? Interested in turning your home into your own personal gym, without spending thousands

Teeter Hang Ups

Price: 199.95
About Hang Ups by Roger Teeter...Thousands of people who have inverted regularly have experienced temporary relief from back pain. Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables can help bring

Inversion Table

Price: 199.00
Thousands of people who have inverted regularly have experienced temporary relief from back pain. Inversion Tables can help bring you this temporary relief and can also provide temporary

Ab Master Pro

Price: 129.99
The ultimate ab master pro workout for your abs!The further you can stretch and extend your abs, the better the workout will be, and the faster the results will come. Otherwise, you might

Ab Sonic

Price: 19.99
The Smart Electronic Massage Fitness Belt Ab Sonic stimulates the nerves that make your muscles contract. Combine the use of the Ab Sonic Fitness Belt with a healthy lifestyle and

Air Climber Airclimber System

Price: 119.85
Walk on air to a slimmer, sexier you without the normal impact that walking has on your joints.... The Air Climber uses patented air power technology that creates resistance with

Bowflex Tread Climber TC5000 Monthly Payments

Price: 24.00
The Price above reflects monthly payments. Please visit Bowflex for price quotes and finance terms. The TC5000 offers 8 state-of-the-art electronic functions for fast and easy

Ab Rocket

Price: 99.99
In just 5 minutes a day, the Ab Rocket will rocket your abs from flab to fab! The Ab Rocket is a revolutionary way to work your lower, upper, middle abs and even your sides, giving you the

Ab Coaster

Price: 414.75
Just a few minutes a day on the Ab Coaster is all you need to get a lean sexy waistline. The Ab Coaster gets you OFF THE FLOOR and OFF YOUR BACK.The Ab Coaster works your entire core, including

Lateral Twist Stepper

Price: 79.95
Lateral Twist Stepper is a fun exercise equipment. Used correctly you can create a fun and effective fitness program. Don't pay for expensive workout exercise machines. Simple step

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Ab Circle Pro
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